KER പരീക്ഷാ സഹായി

                 KER MODEL QUESTION PAPER SET 1, 2

              ( 1മുതല്‍ 72 വരെ ചോദ്യങ്ങള്‍ ഓള്‍ഡ്‌ പോസ്റ്റില്‍ )

                                              KER പരീക്ഷാ സഹായി 
Total number of questions 100                                Time 2.30 hours
Correct answer*
1.secondary schools Training schools and special schools  shall be under the immediate administrative and inspectional control of the
A-HM            B-AEO           C-DEO*            D-DDE
2 The dimensions of every class room in lower primary school be
A-6.5mx6mx3.5m      B-6mx5.5mx3m*       C-6x6x3.5   D-5.8x6x3.5
4 .The tuition fees including fines and admission fees  realised from govt and aided schools shall be credited to
 A-Govt*           B-Festival fund           C-P T A Fund           D-Miscellaneous fund
5.No private school shall be closed down without giving the director one years notice expiring with -----------------------of any year of the intention to do so.
A-31st december      B-30th june       C-31st may*   D-1st january
6. When there is onlyone school under the educational agency individual or corporate the  first instalment of financial guarantee in the case of secondary school to be paid as per R7(3)of chV
 A-500            B-700          C-1500            D-1000*
7.If the effective strength of std Vl th is 96, number of class divisions sanctiond shall be 
 A-3*            B-4          C-2            D-1
8.Appointment  order should be issued in  
 A-Form 22            B-Form 27*          C-Form 28            D-Form11
9 .Schools established and administred under the clause (1) of article 30 of the constitution are
A-Govt school           B-Minority school*          C- Recognised school           D-Un recognised school
10.Bills of  maintenance grant shall besigned by
 A-HM            B-AEO           C-DEO            D-Mamager
11. The transfer certificate of pupils whose guardian are obliged to change  their places
 of residence may be issued by HM
   A-At any time of the year*           B-after mid summer vacation         
   C-after re opening                       D-after summer vacationThe duration of
12 School that is  not meant for special education
 A-Fishery school           B-Music school         C- Fine Arts school          D-School for the blind*
13.The duration of TTC course is
 A-2 years*            B-2 1/2years          C-1 1/2years            D-1 year
 14.---------- shall not interfere with the academic work of schools which should be attended to by the H M as per rule 9940of chapter III
  A-PTA            B-AEO           C-DEO            D-Mamager*
15. Qualified teachers in the lower grade promoted to the higher grade ---------before compleating their probation in the higher grade as if appointed under Rule 3 chapter XIVA in that catogory
  A-Under rule 43*           B-Under rule 2         C- Under rule  22          D-Under rule 23
16.The rate at which maintenance grant is given to training shool  
   A-5.50           B-3.25           C-4            D-7.50*
 17.The authority competent to sanction alteration of date of birth  in the service book of teaching and non teaching staff is
   A-Director/CGE            B-DDE           C-DEO            D-Government
19.CHAPTER XIVAA introduced by govt in pursuance of 
   A-GO(P)55/90GEdn dt16.4.05*
   B GO(P)121/9005GEdn dt 30.03.199
   C GO(P)188/05GEdn dt 17.06.05
   D GO(P)122/05GEdn dt16.4.0516.04.05
20 The chief and formost criterion  for transfer of HM as  per rule 10(1)chapterX IV Ashall be
   A-seniority* B-Intercaste marriage   C- Close relatives of jawans       D-physically handicaped 
21 .If there are more than one claiment among non teaching staff for appointment as teacher preference shall be given in the order of 
    A-Clerks,peons,sweepers,and other staff*
   B   sweepers Clerks,peons,,and other staff
   C   peons Clerks,,sweepers,and other staff
   D Clerks,sweepers  peons,,and other staff
22.If the manager fail to forward the appointment order within the time specified be may apply to the DDE in the case of delay up to 
  A-7months         B-1 year         C-9 months            D-six months*
 23.The S B of primary school H M shall be maintained by 
 A-D D E       B-Mnager       C-D E O           D- A E O*
23. posts of part time highschool assistant in a particular language shall be fill up by promotion as per order of preference vide  
   A-Rule 43c(1)XIV A*
   B   Rule 43b(1)XIV A
   C  Note   Rule 44  XIV A 
   D  Note  Rule 43A XIV A 
24 In pursurance of note (2) to rule 35 cha;XIVA, the seniority list shall be made as on  the
   A-1st day of January every year *
   B  31st March every year
   C    31 st december every year
   D 1st june every year
25 No teacher who has a wife living shall contract another marriage without first obtaining  the permission of Govt 
   B   Rule 18 CH  XIV B*
   C  R6 CH XIV C 
   D  R12 CH XIVA
26 which among the following does not come under the reason for taking action against manager or educational agency in the event of mismanagement
   B   .mismanagement
   C  .Gross negligence of duty 
   D Non submission of application for MG* .
27 Duties and powers of manager of aided schools are dealt within
    A  -R9 CH III*
   B   Rule 10 CH  II
   C  R5 CH III
   D  R3 CHIII
28.............................shall be the attesting officer for the entries in part III of the service book (columns8,11,and18)except annual verification certificate
 A-D D E       B- Mnager       C-Headmaster*          D- A E O
29 Minimum site area of Lower primary schools ,upper primary schools with or without lower primary section is
    A  .4 to .8 hectors*
   B   1.2 hectors
   C  2 hectors
   D 1.2to 2 hectors
30 application for recognationmay be submitted in 

Form 2*
   B  Form9
   C Form 31 
   D  Form3